Curriculum framework for mathematics: Its standards in national curriculum

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Curriculum frame work for mathematics is comprised of five standards. How ever, the competencies in curriculum frame work allow flexibility to the teachers in accordance with their students. Moreover, curriculum frame work of mathematics makes the learning fruitful for the learners .

Standard 1: Numbers and operations

The students will be able to….

  • Identify numbers and effects of operations in various situations,
  • Also, Compute fluently with fractions, decimals and percent.
  • Also, apply operations on matrices.
  • Moreover students can under stand numbers.
  • Also know the ways of representing the numbers.
  • Students can compute fluently.
  • Standard 2: Algebra

The students will be able to….

  • Analyze number pattern and also, interpret mathematical situations.
  • Also, the students can solve problems.
  • Calculate the rate of change of functions.
  • Also, Solve nonlinear equations numerically

Standard 3: Measurements and Geometry

The students will be able to

  • Identify measurable attributes of objects, Moreover, construct angles and two-dimensional figure.
  • Also analyze characteristics and properties of geometric shaped.
  • Recognized trigonometric identifies, can also, draw and interpret graphs of functions.

Standard 4: Information Handling

  • The students will be able to collect, organize and also interpret information.
  • Data demonstration.

Standard 5: Reasoning and logical thinking

The students will be able to

  • Use pattern, knows facts, properties also, relationships to analyze mathematical situations.
  • Also examine real life situations by using mathematical thinking.

Teaching aids for teaching mathematics

However, teachers can use teaching aids according to the ground situation of their classrooms.

  • Classroom displays
  • Bulletin boards
  • Geometry box
  • Posters/charts
  • Interactive worksheets
  • Math’s games
  • Math’s graphs
  • Interactional websites

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