Dark Circles Under Your Eyes: Causes and Treatments

Dark Circles Under Your Eyes Causes and Treatments
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Beautiful eyes play an important role in enhancing your beauty, and it is important that you take care of your eyes so that dark circles under your eyes cannot affect your beauty. Men or women do not like these dark circles under eyes or on someone’s face and it is not easy to hide them from makeup. You don’t get much attention due to them at evening function while these are more obvious in the morning.

Did you ever try to figure out why these dark circles are formed around the end eyes? Often this causes lack of sleep and fatigue as well as unhealthy diet? The USES are remarkable, but stress, hormone imbalance, water shortage and spending too much time in the sun can also lead to these circles under your eyes. But what is the practical and most easy way to get rid of them? What is the best tip that gives the skin around the eyes without any risk? Which is the most effective source of transparent skin under the eyes rather than the use of harmful chemicals? Here are some such simple prescriptions.


At-Home treatments

  1. Check using cooling and Over use of water
  2. Egg whites  
  3. Cucumbers
  4. Tomatoes
  5. T bag
  6. Almond oil
  7. Turmeric
  8. Lemon extract
  9. Aloe vera
  10. Peel the milk
  11. Good diet
  12. Proper sleep
  13. Potato
  14. Eye drops

Check using cooling and Over use of water

It’s very easy to follow and the cost is not even equal. You can try and see it at any time in your home. Take a metal spoon and place it in the freezer or refrigerator for at least three to four hours, but keep this spoon of better results in the refrigerator before going to bed at night and after getting up in the morning, put it on your eyes for a few minutes. Repeat this process three times, in some days you will be able to see the difference, as well as washing your face and eyes with cold water three to five times daily is also beneficial.

yes, start drinking a lot of water daily, but this does not mean that drinking at least eight glasses of water is normal. This will not only be beneficial to eliminate dark circles around the eyes, but it is also a super formula for removing better skin health and dehydration. Pure water is nature’s wrinkle-relieving tonic, so why do you remove it from your diet plan?

Egg whites  

Egg whites can also be helpful to eliminate dark circles of eyes, apply the white with a soft brush carefully under the eye, then wait for 5 to 10 minutes and wash the face with warm water, take care that egg whites do not go inside the eye which can be irritated.


Cucumbers are used around the world in this regard, which also prove to be very effective, the natural ingredients in them reduce the gathering of water under the eyes, which reduces the swelling and swelling, while the complaint of vomiting goes away, the cucumbers will be as beneficial as they cool.


Take two slices of tomatoes and apply them for fifteen to twenty-five minutes above your eyes, but follow it with a cold spoon, and take care of at least two hours of break between the two.

T bag

Soak a t bag (much better if green t bag) in water and put it in the refrigerator. Put it on your eyes later. Repeating this process can yield the best results.

Almond oil

Almond oil works great on the surrounding part of the eye and is one of the most authoritative household prescriptions for reducing dark circles. Mix one teaspoon of almond oil and one teaspoon of honey, apply this mixture under your eyes before going to bed and get up in the morning and wash it with cold water. Repeat this process until the circles disappear.


Apply under the eyes by making turmeric paste, due to edema, turmeric is helpful in removing eye circles and swelling.

Lemon extract

Lemon extract contains vitamin c, which is considered good for the dark part around the eyes. Immerse the cotton into the fresh lemon extract and apply it to the dark circles, let it be applied for twelve minutes and then wash with cold water. Use this tip once daily for a week.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is rich in vitamin e while moisture is also quite high, as well as having anti-fungal, sterile and skin repair properties, putting aloe vera gel under the eyes by cooling it in the refrigerator is helpful in removing the problem.

Proper sleep

You need to keep an eye on your sleep duration, because if you sleep for less time, all kinds of prescriptions such as tomatoes and cold spoons, etc. do not prove beneficial, then make a routine of six to eight hours of gold daily. You will see the best results when sleep is appropriate.

Peel the milk

Potatoes and remove their juice. Then soak the piece of cotton in this juice and put it under the eyes and make sure all the black part is covered with cotton. Later clean it with cold water.

Good diet

Make your diet full of iron, vitamin a, c, e and k, proper care and good diet help bring back the beauty of your eyes.


Use of milk on a daily basis will not only remove your eye circles but also improve your skin. Take a piece of cotton and soak it in a bowl of cold milk. Now apply it to your eyes and make sure it looks properly on all the affected part. Keep the same for a while and then clean the face with water.

Eye drops

 Many times eye swelling and circles can be an allergic reaction, if you feel such a possibility, you can use eye drops as advised by a doctor.

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  1. Beautiful eyes play an important role in enhancing your beauty, and it is important that you take care of your eyes so that dark circles under your eyes cannot affect your beauty.

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  3. Egg whites can also be helpful to eliminate dark circles

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