Dry Head: An easy treatment for dryness that weakens the hair roots

Dry head and dandruff are common in both men and women.
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Dry head and dandruff are common in both men and women. It can cause discomfort when dry head causes hair to fall out from the roots and itching in the head again and again. Also, faces embarrassment. The shining of face disappears.

According to experts, the skin of the head and face should always be washed with cold water. Cold water is a natural remedy for many skin ailments.

What are the causes of dry head?

The main cause of dryness in the scalp is excessive use of shampoo and bathing with hot water. The chemicals found in the shampoo are harmful to our skin. In addition, to keep the head covered all the time also causes dryness. ۔

Not keeping the hair clean produces dryness in the scalp and stress is also a major cause of dryness.

What are the symptoms of dry head?

The most common symptom of dryness of the scalp is itching which is so severe that it can cause embarrassment in public. A clear sign of dryness is the presence of fungus on the scalp which glows in the sun.

Men and women use expensive anti-dandruff shampoos and chemicals to get rid of dryness of the scalp, but instead of decreasing it, it starts getting worse. The top treatment for getting rid of dryness is to keep the roots of your hair clean. Also, here are some tried and tested tips to get rid of dryness.

Use of lemons to relieve dryness

Lemons naturally contain citric acid which helps to get rid of dry particles from the scalp. Soak in lemon juice and apply on the scalp where there is dryness. This process will help to get rid of dryness.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is an effective treatment for dryness of the scalp. To eliminate dryness from coconut oil, first take the required amount of coconut oil and heat it lightly and then mix lemon juice in it. Then apply this oil on the scalp and massage for a while, this process is useful in eliminating dryness of the scalp.


Aspirin is a chemical-rich medicine (salicylic acid) that is part of most dry shampoos.

Grind 2 tablets of aspirin to make a powder and add as much shampoo as you take to the scalp, leave this mixture on your hair for one to two minutes and then wash thoroughly.

Then wash the scalp again with a simple shampoo, the results of using aspirin to eliminate dryness are amazing.

How to use it is to first wet your hair and apply baking soda on the scalp, then rub with your hands and leave for a while, after a while just wash your head with water, at first you will find your hair dry but later you will notice that natural oil is forming on the scalp and the dryness is disappearing.

Use of Amla

Amla is very useful for hair. Dryness causes a lot of itching in the scalp. To get rid of this itch, apply amla on your scalp and it would be better to wash your hair with amla powder instead of shampoo. It will also eliminate dryness and stop hair loss due to dryness.

Apple cider vinegar

According to experts, apple cider vinegar is the best solution for dryness of the scalp as the acid found in it eliminates the lubrication in the scalp which makes it difficult to get dry again.

Add a quarter cup of vinegar to a quarter cup of water in a spray bottle and spray it on your scalp, then wrap a towel around your head and leave the solution on the scalp for 15 minutes to an hour.

Afterwards wash the scalp as usual, repeating this process twice a week will get rid of dryness forever.


Egg yolks have anti-dandruff properties. Applying egg yolk on the scalp will also eliminate itching and will also get rid of dryness.

Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera is rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals and has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Leave it for a while, then wash your head, it will end the dryness.

Garlic paste

Garlic has antibacterial, antibacterial, and antibiotic properties. Make a paste, now apply it on the scalp and then wash it off after a while, it will get rid of dryness.

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