Feeling Hungry: Common causes of feeling hungry all the time

Feeling Hungry
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Feeling hungry is not a good sign. This can be a warning sign if your stomach is constantly asking for food and feeling hungry and even after eating something it seems to be empty. In fact, it is not necessary that you be hungry, but there are many reasons why you feel hungry all the time.

It can also be a poor diet, a sign of an illness or a sign to see a doctor.

Here are the reasons that make the body feel hungry all the time.

Excessive consumption of junk food a Reason of feeling hungry

Excessive consumption of refined carbohydrates, which are also fast foods such as pizza, burgers, pasta, bakery products and cola drinks, can also cause appetite at all times. If you digest it, you start feeling hungry after a while, while the feeling of fullness after eating lasts for a while. In contrast, fiber-rich foods and fats take longer to digest, resulting in less feeling of hunger.


It is not uncommon for diabetics to suddenly have an experience a feeling of hunger and an immediate desire for a diet high in carbohydrates. According to experts, when a person’s blood sugar level is too high, it becomes a problem for the body to regulate glucose, as a result of which when you eat a diet rich in carbohydrates, the amount of insulin in the patient’s body increases. However, the level of glucose drops immediately, resulting in a feeling of weakness tiredness and a desire to use sugar, and this cycle continues.

Specific Medications

Increased appetite is also a result of the use of various medications. This effect of medication taken to control diabetes or mood is often seen. If you feel very hungry or gain weight after taking a new medication, consult your doctor to find out Is better.

Feeling Too much stress

Anxiety and anxiety have different effects on health and loss of appetite is one of them. Eating all the time in this condition is called emotional eating, which is a condition in which too much stress increases the feeling of hunger, it also increases the risk of obesity.

Often Eat too fast and fast-food

If you often swallow your food very quickly without chewing it well, this habit can be very destructive to health, which has various effects, one of which is to feel hungry all the time. Excessive calorie intake leads to obesity. It is important to chew the food well with satisfaction.

Thai Ride Issues

The thyroid glands are the glands that control metabolism through hormones. These hormones go into the bloodstream and control the metabolism. When the thyroid is more active, these hormones become more active, which increases the feeling of hunger.

Lack of sleep/Rest

Never underestimate the importance of sleep, as lack of sleep increases the amount of a hormone that works to control appetite, which results in constant hunger.

Drinking less water-

If the craving for sweet and some sugar or salty foods increases or you start to feel hungry after a while, it can be the result of dehydration, which increases the performance of appetite-boosting hormones. When we are thirsty and drink less water, our body needs it. Understands hunger, so drink water first to see if hunger is present.

Avoiding to Use fat in food

Even if there is not enough fat in the food, the feeling of hunger is always annoying. It takes time for the body to digest fatty foods or so to say, they stay in the stomach longer, which makes the stomach feel fuller for longer.

Avoid protein foods

Lack of protein in the diet also increases appetite, protein is actually a component of reducing the levels of hormones that increase appetite while protein also makes you feel full, which is why athletes usually but prefer a diet rich in protein.

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