Gas Heaters are Silent killers: They may cause death!

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Gas heaters or heating systems may cause death!

Gas heaters or heating systems extensively to stay rooms warm. They use heaters in evenings and nights after the severe wave gripped various parts of the country. Most of them are unaware of the preventive measures to minimize the harms, the heating systems may cause.

A good number of families suffocate to death in Pakistan every year during winter season. Because of using heating systems including gas heaters and burning of coal and wood.

The public awareness is necessary to avoid the number of deaths and complications. All kinds of fuels including Sui gas produce CO2 consuming oxygen while burning. That causes lowering of oxygen level within the space if not properly ventilated. When the oxygen level lowers, the fuels start producing carbon mono oxide within the atmosphere. It ends up in production of carboxy hemoglobin within the lungs. Isolating the availability of oxygen to hemoglobin in the blood required for the process of respiration.

The phenomenon causes suffocation which may lead to the unconsciousness and subsequently to death.

Carbon monoxide gas is invisible, odorless, and tasteless gas. It is poisonous and leave the body without of oxygen.

An individual is completely helpless and without feeling that he has fallen prey to carbon mono oxide. Health experts say that poisoning also can result thanks to leakage of gas heaters accidentally in close rooms.

People using coal as a source of heating should keep ventilation of rooms to avoid carbon monoxide gas (CO) poisoning. While users of gas heaters should keep water in rooms to take care of atmosphere humid, many health experts expressed.

Medical specialist said that some people are more susceptible than others to suffer health effects of gas heaters. Such as heart disease patients, asthmatics, pregnant ladies, children and elderly.

 Dr Usama said that exposure to high levels of carbon mono oxide can cause carbon mono oxide poisoning. Its symptoms include tiredness, shortness of breath, headaches, dizziness, nausea, muscle weakness, confusion etc. while exposure to extremely high levels of carbon mono oxide may result in death, he said. He said that suspected case of gas poisoning should remove immediately from the source to the fresh air and evacuated to the closest hospital. “Be careful about using heater, especially if anyone has heart condition, asthma, or is pregnant or elderly.”

Doctor Muhammad Ashraf is of the view that many deaths are due to carbon monoxide. Keep internal doors and a minimum of one window hospitable allow fresh air to enter the space. Check that room ventilation is ok . Never keep gas heaters on while to bed. Ensure that gas supply is Off from main supply route. Gas leakage can detect by gas smell or by sound of escaping gas.

He opines that if the gas leakage is suspected,

Open doors and windows to ventilate the world.

Close up all consumer safety shut off valves.

Health experts say that the length of your time that heater is employed should be minimized.

Sajid Saleem

Sajid Saleem

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