Heat Related Diseases: Caution is better than cure

Heat related diseases increases when the summer season is moving
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Heat related diseases increases when the summer season is moving towards its peak. This season increases the risk of heat related diseases compared to other seasons. Along with various stomach, intestinal and gastrointestinal problems. The problem of sunstroke, also becomes common. People who spend more time outside the house are at greater risk of sunstroke or heat stroke.

High Heat Intensity Causes Heat Related Diseases

When the heat intensity goes out of control, the human body cannot afford this temperature. Then it causes heat related diseases. Especially this season affects the elderly, children and women. Sun stroke is not the name of any disease, but it may cause different diseases. Also, it is the name of a state of human brain. In which human brain and human body stop working due to external temperature control. In such a situation, if timely and accurate treatment is not provided, death can also occur. It will be known sun stroke is a medical emergency. Which requires immediate treatment.

Symptoms of Sun Stroke

Heat Diseases

Sun stroke symptoms dry and warm the skin are heat related diseases. Sweat stops due to which the body’s automated system cannot cool itself. It is difficult to breathe and it starts breathing due to fast breathing. The temperature and heart beat suddenly increase very fast. Also, the pain in the head starts like a throbbing head, called the throbbing head. Blood pressure falls abruptly Apart from this, the intensity of dizziness and thirst increases. Eve gets aroused weakness and stretches of muscles. Suddenly, high fever becomes bit and nausea begins, a state of vomiting. Which starts with fainting. Sometimes hemorrhage also breaks out.

People who spend most of their time outside in the sun. Also, those who do a lot of physical activities or exercises without drinking water. Also, in the hot weather who do not wear clothes in the summer are more likely to be worried. Children and elderly people are also more affected and those who suffer from long-term heart disease. The respiratory problems, high blood pressure, and kidney disease can also be able to get a heatstroke

Rushed to Hospitals

People with sunstroke and heat related diseases should be rushed to the hospital immediately. But if the hospital is away or is likely to be late for some reason, first aid should be provided immediately. Because if there is a lot of damage, the first medical aid can also lead to good death. The patient should be immediately removed from the sunny place and put the legs on a shady and air conditioner. If the patient’s clothes are tight, loosen them and to reduce the body temperature, they should hit the neck, armpits, wrists, ankles and thighs. Drink cold water as much as possible.

Lack of Water and Salts is Heat related disease

During the sun stroke, the body not only lacks water. But also a large number of salts and essential electrolytes are lost, so in this case to remove the patient’s deficiency. R. Es or salt mixed should feed water. And then must take bath with cold water after some time rest. If the patient is not given immediate medical assistance, the patient can also go into a state of unconsciousness. Due to excessive body temperature in some individuals, the heart can also stop working, the kidneys can also be disabled and the brain also stops doing its work, due to which the patient dies.

Stomach and Bowel Problems

Stomach and bowel edema that occurs through a bacteria E. coli and becomes dehydrated in the patient’s body due to ulcers, fever, stomach pain, should start and excessive vomiting and uls the patient in this disease should take care and continue to meet the dehydration in the patient’s body to protect it from further complications. Drinking sterile food and water should be avoided and special care should be taken of cleanliness.

The disease called typhoid is caused by bacteria called salmonella typhi and the use of contaminated water and diet affects human health. Typhoid germs are added to the food items through flies and dust, or otherwise, the hand of a patient suffering from typhoid can also be transmitted to a healthy person through nourishing or contaminated water. The main symptoms of typhoid include fever as well as head and stomach pain.

Tea and coffee

The patient should use lightweight foods with complete rest. Tea, coffee and other carbonated drinks should be avoided. Should use more water, soup and fresh juice etc. To avoid the disease like typhoid, every possible care should be taken of health and hygiene. Hands must be thoroughly washed with soap before meals and after graduation. The relief and urine of the patient should immediately flow well or should be covered with dust so that the flies do not sit on it. Wells, ponds and water reservoirs should be avoided and do not allow the piles of rubbish and rubbish in their homes and in the streets.


The cause of cholera, which radiates through the bacteria called e vibrio bacteria, is mostly wastewater and old and denizens. And in summer, the disease increases due to diet’s carelessness and dirty water. People whose digestion is weak are suffering from this disease quickly. Small children are also affected by cholera. If the patient is not treated on time, he becomes very nervous. It is very important for the cholera patient to meet the shortage of water in the body, for which it is useful to feed a saline solution.

Hepatitis a spread with dirty water and four weeks after entering the virus in the patient’s body, stomach pain, fever, vomiting, yellow eyes and urine, signs of severe weakness and nausea begin to appear. Use clean water and food to avoid hepatitis. Vegetables and fresh fruits should be thoroughly washed with clean water before using. Before eating food and after the relief, wash hands well with soap and avoid eating and licking burgers etc.


Chances of sunstroke or heat stroke are high in summer, so different measures should be taken to avoid it so that possible damage can be avoided.

Must protect yourself from heat and sunshine to avoid loveliness. Most of the daily work should be done in the morning or evening hours when the sun’s limit is reduced. And even the almighty should try not to get out of the house without any reason. Do not stay in the sun for a long time, and if it is very important, put an umbrella or a wet cloth on the head and go out and keep a bottle of water with you. The clothes of light and light colors should be worn and do not wear dark colors especially black clothes in heat. maximum water and cold drinks should be used in the hot season. At least three to four liters of water should be consumed daily.

Balance of Salts and water

This maintains the balance of salts and water in our body. Watermelon is the best heat break in summer season as well as cucumber, falsa and plum are also useful in heat season. Also, In this season, even the dead, Fried items, sour foods, staple foods and packed foods should be avoided because they may also have a complaint of diarrhea. The use of more oils in summer, the use of more oils, pepper spices, hot items, tea and coffee should be minimized. In the summer, fresh and clean food should be cooked at home and the food should be cooked at the correct temperature.

During the summer season, the use of meat can also worsen the stomach. The streets should be surrounded by open food or open food sold in the markets. Open selling food items on which flies and insects sit, causes diseases like typhoid, cholera and hepatitis. In the hot season, raw salads and fruits should be eaten in which the amount of water is high, such as cucumber, watermelon, mango, melon and carrots etc.

Fresh Juices

Fresh fruit juice should be used at home and use it immediately. Keeping in the refrigerator can cause germs in it. Contaminated water and rotten fruits can cause children and elderly people to suffer from diarrhea.

The use of heat in heat should be increased. * according to the advice of medical experts, anti-depression medicines should not be used in severe heat because they increase the risk of stroke. In summer people usually like to take a bath in swimming pool in order to protect themselves from heat intensity. Which is also called brain eating amoeba, is found in various ponds, springs, swimming pools and taps water, and with the increase of temperature in summer, its growth speed also increases.

Deep Dipping is not better

So, avoid deep dipping while swimming and prefer swimming pools with clean and proper chlorine intake during summer season. Caution is better than cure, so it is important to take precautions to avoid sun strokes and other seasonal diseases and enjoy the beauty of the season

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