Hemorrhoids: Causes, Prevention, Treatment, what to do about Hemorrhoids

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Hemorrhoids are a painful, uncomfortable and disease, resulting from large intestine and anal inflammation. In the general public, three types of hemorrhoids are very bad, bloody, and aromatic, although there are three different levels of hemorrhoids which show their intensity step by step. However, it is a dangerous disease whether it is bloody or scary.

Causes of hemorrhoids

Frequent constipation causes anxiety problems including hemorrhoids, as well as the use of peeling vegetables and laxatives. The use of Poultry, meat, spicy pepper spices, rice, eggplant, lentils. Also, fast foods, cola beverages, bakery products and nutritious foods can also be seen suffering from hemorrhoids. Similarly, people in which the growth of a black deal is naturally high or the use of black nutrients increases. Even if the deal is increasing, the hemorrhoids begin to narrow. Tea, alcohol and cigarettes, betel, tobacco and brown foods are also present in the clutches of this disease.

People who use frequent anti-biotech and preventive medicines are often remaining in hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are severely attacked in the cold season, a major reason for this intensity is less use of water and use of energy-rich foods.

Home remedies for hemorrhoids 

The most important thing is that you do not allow constipation because the basis of hemorrhoids is occupied. The abundant use of fiber nutrients to prevent constipation is the best natural protective weapon. Use wheat and jockey in breakfast. Similarly, the use of yogurt in breakfast also protects against intestinal problems. By proper use of water, fruits, fruit juices and raw vegetables according to the weather we can avoid hemorrhoids attack to a considerable extent.

use full foods in Hemorrhoids

Taking a quick step and heating the body can be avoided by making it a part of the routine. Make it your routine to walk at least 5 to 10 kilometers daily. Always boil water and heat it. Whenever you cook, add cabbage to them.

Must eat cabbage as curry at least once a week and be aware that curry with bread always use more. Eat cucumber, tomato, salad leaves and cabbage as a salad with daily food. Vegetables and fruits are having in up to 80% water, so as much as possible raw vegetables and seasonal fruits make an essential part of your menu.

Natural treatment of salvation from hemorrhoids

There are many natural sources to get rid of hemorrhoids. We have listed some of the most effective natural ways so that readers can use express immediately. Dates are a complete diet, medicine and useful tank. It is very useful for people whose mood is dominated by drought. Soft and fibrous dates at dinner are at least 7 to 10 as sweet dish foods are the best natural remedies for hemorrhoids.

Also, constipation and nervous weakness. Similarly, the creator universe has many benefits for the human body in the FIG. Those who have more moisture in their mood, such as mucus, etc. are the most effective and effective medicine, useful diet and powerful natural weapon. Soaking in 3 to 7 Numbers of water, eating mouth is a help in chronic constipation, hemorrhoids and sputum material abuse.

Use of Antibiotics

People who have been suffering from dan drugged use of antibiotics or preventive heart disease drugs should use salt black and yellow in the morning. The growth of the desired amount of yameen in the intestines will naturally improve the efficiency of the intestines. Wash three grains of pepper and eat at night while sleeping and drink two tablespoonful of almonds in a semi-hot cup of milk. Using a meal mixed with semi-hot milk makes the intestines soft and easy to drain. Put salt on the cabbage and steam and eat it full of stomach. Doing this second to third periodic will reduce the severity of hemorrhoids. As a home remedy, we should grind the weight of 250 mg capsules and start eating a capsule after eating. Within two to four days, the pain of hemorrhoids will begin to heal.


First of all, change your diet habits, daily routines and styles. Take a dynamic and running style by saying goodbye to your favorite life. Prefer to walk, frozen foods, cold drinks, bakery products, fast foods and market foods. Sharp pepper spices, meat, rice, seeds, poultry and nutrients, get away from alcohol consumption. Use the use of sprouts to say good news. Use millions of medicines (only stomach softening compounds).


In milk, the use of castor oil, almond oil and pink cream is the best and useful means to soften the stomach. Their use can also be protected from the suffering of hemorrhoids. Negative thoughts also affect the metabolism of metabolism. Be careful to avoid emotions such as envy, miserliness, malice, anger, hatred, anger and arrogance. As much as possible, adopt positive thoughts, promote feelings of love, tolerance, sacrifice, humility and endurance.

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