Imagination: What is the power of imagination? We Need it

Imagination is power to success
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Imagination is the capacity of the mind to be productive or resourceful. The part of the mind that assumes things. Imagination about things fills our entire extant. It impacts everything we do, think about and produce. It leads to involve theories, dreams and inventions in any occupation from the realms of academic community to engineering and the arts.

Imagination is the key to modernization

So, think for a while and reflect on how you could use your imagination more helpfully and purposely. How would you improve your life individually and occupationally if you were to activate your brain in ways you have not done before Imagine. If you could bring this higher brainpower into your day wise conscious awareness? How much more pleasuring and enhancing your life would be? Just imagine.

Imagination is a vital part of your Leadership

There is nothing childlike or shameful about making imagination an important part of your leadership skills. The more you use your imagination, the stronger your “imagination muscle” becomes. You will pleasantly surprise to use this skill and take advantage of this abundant source of endless possibilities. Yesterday’s knowledge alone will not be enough. Imagination is important to everyone, especially leaders who not only have to lead people into the future, but also have to foresee the as-yet-unknown challenges that await humanity.

Imagination and Leader ’s friendship

A secret ingredient that almost all victorious people share is how to use your imagination to your benefits. Both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs used their imaginations to imagine how personal computers could change the world, how we work, how we could raise our children, and how we would have fun. You were certainly right.



As a leader, you first need to know your goal and have an idea of ​​what you want to achieve. As mentioned above, this is the same path that you should take when building a house. It is important to have a clear idea of ​​what you are trying to accomplish. The end result seems, unless you are content to just gather the materials and see what happens. It is important to use creative imagination as described above, especially the reverse principle. While it may seem pretty obvious to begin with Looking towards the end, you’d be surprised how many people don’t have a clear idea of ​​what they want to achieve, let alone how to get there. Obstacles that stand in the way. You need to have a strong and clear vision, and most importantly, know why your vision is so important to you.



Innovative imagination together with empathic imagination is a very strong combination. If you look back at some of the great leaders of the past, most of them had a motive; something bigger than what they wanted to attain for themselves.

Great leaders often have a devotion that addresses the plight of people other than what they desire for themselves. Even if they have experienced deprivation, they are able to imagine what it would be like for people in inferior conditions. Just imagine of people like Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa – they were very much handle by their empathic imagination.


It’s much easier to be discouraged than it is to stimulate people’s imagination, especially when it’s not part of work culture. Sometimes it takes a little courage to take action against restrictive thinking. As someone told me, “I’d rather let my idea shoot down than say nothing and come up with a little idea. Edward de Bono’s six hats method of thinking was effective and popular for encouraging people in the workplace to activate their imaginations.

The red hat stands for intuition, feelings and premonitions and the green hat for creative ideas and possibilities. As a team leader, it can be a good idea to read or practice the Six Hat Thinking process. Facts and pragmatism prevail. I’ve seen people look concerned and even embarrassed when asked to use their imagination as if the idea of   things is something only children or creative people can do.

Logical Reasoning

The belief that imagination is somehow minor to logical reasoning often kills, or smothers potential great ideas. Not only can this belief hinder great ideas but it also shows a scarcity of understanding about the important role that imagination plays in human life.

The idea of “crisis management” requires no explanation immediately. Something unexpected and significant happens, and our first instincts are to defend against — and later to know and manage — the disturbance to the established order. The crisis is hit or miss enemy to be tamed for the aim of restoring normality.

But we might not be ready to return to our familiar pre-crisis reality. Pandemics, wars, and other social crises often create new attitudes and behaviors which require to be managed. We believe imagination — the capacity to make, evolve, and exploit mental models of things or situations that don’t yet exist — is that the crucial think about seizing and creating new opportunities, and finding new paths to growth.

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Sajid Saleem

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