Immunity | Definition, Magical Foods That Boost the Immune System

Immunity is the quality or state of being resistant
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Immunity is the quality or state of being resistant especially: a condition of being able to resist a special disease. Immunity boosts especially through preventing development of a pathogenic microorganism. Also, by counteracting the effects of its products. In order to prevent any disease, an automated system works in the human body. which prevents the attack of germs causing the disease at the earliest stage. This system of resistance in the human body knows immune system.

which foods to use to strengthen immunity

According to the current situation of the world. How we improve our immunity system strong. What food helpful….

Dates—palm– use citrus Malte– eat bell peppers– use shrimp pepper– eat broccoli– use garlic– make sure use ginger– use spinach– in tea eat gourd– use almonds– use turmeric– use green tea—papaya– in milk use kiwi– eat poultry desi chicken– use Pepper– said no sunflower seeds– lemon neem banana– strawberries but not grown from chemicals– coconut sweet coconut—tomato—pumpkin– water mint FIG. zaitoon. — Olive thread– coriander green onion– wash your hand wash well۔

There is a need for strong immunity to deal with any disease or stomach problems. Although vaccines, medicines and treatments provided help to rid the patient’s body of bacteria and viruses, the immune system has the power to bear all this burden, even for the prevention of diseases. This is why a powerful immune system is very important for a healthy body. What a person eats, what he drinks, how much he exercises, all of these things play an important role in enhancing strength.

Vital Role of Nutrition in Immunity

Nutrition plays a major role in increasing immunity. Also, there are some important foods whose use you can increase immediately. If there is immunity in the body, any disease and infection cannot be easily attacking you. The use of desi foods is very useful. Gravy increases immunity immediately. Gravy is the best choice for fast recovery of weak people.

The cold bones of desi chicken or mutton cause strength and strength. Curd is also a mean and inexpensive means of enhancing immunity and fighting diseases Vitamin d and is the natural safety treasure of the body. Vitamin e is the key to a healthy immune system and almonds are rife with it. If you take it as a part of your diet on a daily basis, the vitamins and healthy fats in it play an important role in meeting your physical needs. However, Having garlic in meals guarantees your health. The properties of increasing immunity as well as the properties of protecting from various types of infections are present in garlic.

Ginger is guarantee of Health  

The use of ginger is the guarantee of health. There is no second to reduce various diseases, inflammation, pain, cholesterol. Spinach helps the immune system to fight various infections due to containing vitamin c, a, betta keratin and other important nutrients. But instead of cooking for a long time, its diet is maintain properties. For years, tested turmeric plays an important role in medicine. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it also, protects many health problems of cancer until they are resolved immediately.

For years the importance of palm is preferred for the maintenance of energy. If the palm is made part of your diet daily, the diseases will automatically go away from you. Kiwi enables the rest of the body to function well because it is rich in nutrients. Also, Vitamin c present in it increases white cells in the blood to fight infection.

Importance of sleep

Sleep has a deep relationship with our physical and mental health. People without proper and good sleep at night not only suffer from fatigue but also suffer from various diseases related to blood during sleep disorder and obesity.

Note the importance of indigenous seeds and the utility of the use of natural fertilizers can be gauged from the situation at this time.

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