Indiscipline in Educational Institutions: Causes and Suggestions

The study found that Indiscipline in Educational Institutions begins at home
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The study found that Indiscipline in Educational Institutions begins at home because they are the children’s first teachers. The effects of Indiscipline in Educational Institutions on academic achievement were also found to include: inability of students to concentrate in class, loss of taught material due to absenteeism, and increased dropout rates.


1. Discipline implies maintenance of order among a group through training in self-control and obedience.

2. Lack of discipline in our society, particularly in our educational institutions.

3. Causes of indiscipline

(i)  Socio-economic conditions of the country after independence.

(ii) New avenues for earning grabbing wealth.

(iii) Rat-race for -money and parents’ neglect of their wards.

(iv) The role of vested interests.

(v) Lack of recreational and sports facilities.

4. Some remedies

(i) Political activity should not be revived at campuses. And Indiscipline in Educational Institutions

(ii) Parents’ contacts with teachers be encouraged.

(iii) Students’ workload be reduced and courses of study be made interesting.

(iv) Machinery for meeting the genuine demands of students be promptly created.

(v) More recreational and sports facilities be created.

(vi) The institutions of debates, literary and cultural activities be revived and strengthened.

Discipline implies maintenance of order among a group through mental and moral training in obedience and self-control.

It is the key to the orderly life of an individual, a group, a community and a nation, No society can survive and no nation can protect its independence, if it fails to instill the values of discipline among its members.

However, one is pained to peer the spectacle supplied via way of means of lots of our college students and academic institutions. A large number of our students lose their temper Indiscipline in Educational Institutions.

And patience at the slightest provocation; they become unruly, incite their school add college mates, take to roads, indulge in brick- batting, arson and other destructive activities. Some of them even arm themselves with deadly weapons and use them indiscriminately. This results in unfortunate injuries and deaths.

The reasons of indiscipline in our instructional establishments are diverse and varied. They have a background. After the partition of India there was a universal reversal of values. They were challenged and scoffed at. The independence brought with it new opportunities, evacuee properties, import licenses, sanctions for establishing new factories, etc. For grabbing and earning, by

fair means or foul, money and accumulating wealth. This new scenario transformed the society and its values overnight.

Contentment gave place to greed and avarice. Men lost all sense of grace. finesse and decorum. The spirit of fellow- feeling lodging and self-sacrifice changed into forgotten, Selfishness and self-hobby have become the order of the day.

This was the environment in which new generation was born, nurtured and brought- up. When paupers became millionaires, they were more interested in further amassing wealth than in the proper training of their young ones. Unearned and easy income was lavishly spent on meeting the frivolous demands of their progeny.

The freedom, which our fore- fathers snatched from the alien rulers and our hostile neighbors, was not freedom in its real sense, we thought it was free for all. We entertained the idea that since Pakistan had come into existence, we were free to think and act whichever way we liked.

Those who had made a demand for Pakistan and struggled for its achievement, were visionaries who wanted a separate homeland for the down- trodden Muslims of the sub- continent. But by a cruel quirk of fate, this lovely homeland of ours, fell after the untimely death of the Father of Nation, in the clutches of those whose main aim was to rule, not to serve.

They exploited the weak points of almost all classes of the society, but those who could be easily lured and made use of where students. The glamour and charm of agitation which costs nothing is more tempting and powerful than burning midnight oil and straining eyes to learn.

Learning is a hard job, it demands labor and application, and it exacts energy. To the youth the future looks bright even without hard work. This weak point of the youth was ruthlessly exploited by the vested interests in education.

in these circumstances the teacher feels helpless. The task is herculean and is beyond him, especially when he is hemmed in by his service conditions and low status in society. Parents are lost in the humdrum of their daily pursuits and have little time to attend to their wards. Some of them are even afraid of them and cannot take the risk of admonishing their wayward children.

Teachers, too, are wary of student power and cannot afford to be strict with them. So the students behave like a ship without a rudder, sailing at the mercy of sociopolitical waves.

But still let us not despair. Forgive them O Lord, they know not what they do, said Christ when he was captured by his enemies. Students are after all students. They are young. They are our liability. They are our responsibility. With sympathy and love they can be prevailed upon to live student like life. Let parents and teachers make concerted efforts to guide our younger generation on the right path.

To channelize the energies of young people, proper facilities for recreation and sports be created, and to make their studies interesting their workload be reduced and modern audio-visual techniques be introduced.

Indiscipline Removal Tips for Educational Institution:

For the solution of indiscipline problems, various researchers have provided different suggestions; some main suggestions are given here:

  • Important steps should be taken to improve the economic and social condition of teachers. Management in education:
  • Appropriate arrangements should be made to establish personal contact between teachers and students.
  • School authorities should have a united vision of students’ problems.
  • To eradicate the gaps in the education system, the Higher Education Commission, the Secondary Education Commission and the Kothari Commission have provided very important suggestions. Based on these suggestions, a pedagogical framework should be created and the practical aspects of education should be emphasized. review system.
  • To enable students to earn a living, emphasis should be placed on the importance of work, work experience and vocational training, so that they can escape disappointments and dissatisfactions in their life future.
  • Intimate relationships should be established at school with home and society. Parents and society leaders should also be responsible for solving this problem.
  • Job vacancies should be readily available.
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