Kids healthy food: Its definition, Why do children avoid eating?

Kids healthy food
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Latest on Evidence Based Kids healthy food. Nutrition & Wellness. The kid’s healthy food contains Protein and Protein-rich foods include lean meat, fish, chicken, eggs, beans, lentils, chickpeas, and nuts. These foods are important for our child’s growth and muscle development. These foods also contain other useful vitamins and minerals like iron, zinc, vitamin B12 and omega-3 fatty acids.

Why do children avoid eating?

Often the Parents are able to know about kids healthy food that their children do not eat anything. They have to be fed by force, are getting weaker by the day, they do not understand. Often in homes, everyone has food at hunger, the time and convenience. Not everyone eats together. This act does not let the child’s love or passion for food, eating together on a dining table or a handcraft When eating, All the family members get together to each other, so if the child is eating, how does the mother or sister eat and feed the grandmother and the child with the child.

It is common for children to run away from kids healthy food, or to eat very little. Parents try to force-feed their children, which can be detrimental to their children’s health. Is not ready for it so its digestive system does not work properly, Therefore, the food given to him will has a negative effect on his health. If this happens to your child, try to prepare new dishes for the children, i.e., do not suffer from uniformity, the food should be not only delicious but also nutritious, so that the child in the proportions and amount.

Nutrition needs to be provided in kids healthy food If the child is not getting enough food at once time, feed him light snacks rich in nutritious food, such as sandwiches, children’s favorite snacks is numerous, including chicken, fish, or meat. It may provide protein and energy to the baby. In addition, milk and milk products may be useful. Milk contains calcium, which not only strengthens teeth and bones, but also overall health. 

Green vegetables in kids healthy food

It is very important and necessary to include such foods in the diet of children which also contain iron. Green vegetables, beans and salads can be used in this regard. Vitamins are also very important for the health of children.  Of course, all vitamins are good for health, but vitamin C is more important because it is the source of iron in the diet.  It Is more helpful in making it possible.

The best source of vitamin C can be sangria juice in kids healthy food. Dried fruits are also good for children. One of the disadvantages of eating dried fruits is that if the child eats in such a way, their particles stuck on the teeth.  There is a risk of tooth decay, so it is best to give the fruit to children with other food and drink items as the saliva formed during the meal does not cause dry particles to stick to the teeth.  Are the best way to achieve this.

Mother’s story

The mother should keep telling the child a story or something interesting during the meal, so that the child will be able to eat attentively.  She feeds the baby porridge all week long, so when the baby refuses to eat because she is fed up, she forcibly feeds him and often tries. Most mothers lie down and force the baby to open his mouth and spoon into his throat.  This is not a good way.

 It is important for the baby to change his diet if not every day. Changing the diet does not mean hard and heavy things instead of soft and easy digestion, but porridge, corn flakes, celiac, milk, banana, Replace sago with pudding, soup, etc.۔ 

The mother has fixed the time of feeding the child which is somewhat correct but there is no problem if the child asks for biscuits in between or wants to take two sips of feeder because he will ask for something when the child is deficient in glucose.  Yes, but mothers do not understand this. They think that the child has eaten on a full stomach, so what else does he need to eat now?

Balanced diet

Remember that the baby does not ask only when he is hungry, but if he feels insecure or wants to get the mother’s attention, he will ask for milk if he does not succeed in any other way because he knows that at that time the mother will embrace him.  I will take it or breastfeed it lying down, the baby will only feel untimely hunger if you have given him food in the afternoon or in the morning, he has not been able to eat it satisfactorily or he has not taken care of a balanced-diet

Other than that, seeing something delicious or seeing a mother or a guest can make her feel hungry. Children as well as adults are not exempt from this process. In the families where the mother works, the nanny is often assigning to the child. If the child does not see the mother’s loving and loving face around him, the feeling of loneliness surrounds him, and the child’s hunger switches off.  Yes, and he is not attracted to food or eats very little food. Does he consider it a problem for himself and rebukes him which makes the child worse and he hates to eat.

Over eating

Many psychological problems of the child such as stubbornness, irritability, crying uncontrollably, breaking up, etc. are caused due to overeating. If the child’s food is not full of nutrients, the child will cry anxiously and throw things away Instead of scolding you, find out the reason for your stubbornness. He may want to eat with your hands, or he may want to eat sitting on the floor or carpet instead of at the dining table, or you may feel pain.

There are a few things to keep in mind when feeding children that whenever they are fed, they should not get too hot, because too hot food will make them afraid that their mouths will get burnt and so There will be a feeling of discomfort. If the amount of curry or broth in the food is very low, it means that the child will have difficulty in swallowing the food, so prefer to make dishes which have a high proportion of curry. The role of the mother is most important in changing the eating habits of the children.

According to experts

Eating less or not eating at all is not a very dangerous or deadly thing, but according to experts, it indicates that the child is growing up in a normal way and wants to show his independence. It is not necessary to always prepare the child’s favorite food just for the sake of feeding if the child is not eating, because the habits that will develop in childhood will remain the same later, for example if the child only If you like to eat sweets, then it is not right to say that you should always eat sweets. However, too much sweet food is harmful for your teeth and also causes diabetes after reaching old age.

The same kind of food is not correct just because it is nutritious, for example, if the child likes to eat only vegetables, then encourage them to eat other vegetables which are of the same color and nutritional value. If the child does not eat, do not force it and if it does, praise it. Doing so will make the child feel that my parents, especially the mother, are happy, and if they are not angry at the food, they will eat automatically. Will be attracted to, just do not force with the child as it causes negative effects and the child also suffers from anxiety.

Also, family members should eat together and avoid quarrels even while eating so that the child does not feel that food is an act in which everyone fights and he will not be attracted to food because of this thought.  Screaming or scolding at other times also makes the child hate food, so if these things are taken care of, the child may be attracted to food.

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