Our daily food: Some Amazing facts about the food

Our daily Food, is a substance containing essentially of protein
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Our daily Food, is a substance containing essentially of protein, carbohydrate, fat, and other nutritional. These nutrients of our daily food are used in the body of the being to sustain growth and vital processes and to supply energy. The absorption and usage of food by the body is basic to nutrition and is facilitated by digestion.

1. It gives us energy.

2. Our food makes our body strong.

3. It gives us nutritious

4. This makes us body relief.

5. It also makes us the vitamins.

6. Our food makes the digestive system strong.

7. Our daily food also makes the liver stronger in digestion.

8.The food protects our body from harmful bacteria.

9. It is also useful in making our body strong and healthy.

10. The food making our brain stronger in learning process.

Some Amazing facts about our daily food

1. Cakes, ice cream, chocolate, potato chips, samosas, dumps, salt paray, halwa puri and roundabout increase the amount of cholesterol in the human body which is harmful to the heart

2. One-time used food oil should not be used again. Boiled oil has ingredients that can cause cancer in the human body.

3. Also, In daily diet, lack of one amino acid cystine (cystine) leads to hair fall of men and women. This is the reason for punctuality.

4. Excess meat causes constipation. Which increases the number of harmful germs in the intestines? Therefore, it should always be prepared for years by mixing vegetable or pulses with meat.

5. Eating lentils with wheat bread increases protein utility by 33%.

6. Moreover, Washing the vegetable with more water or soaking in water wastes the vitamins in it.

7. Putting or throwing fruits and vegetables strongly on something hard also loses the vita min in them.

8. Vitamin c present in vegetables and fruits are lost by the touch of iron and steel. Therefore, a knife or knife on fruits and vegetables should not be operated unnecessarily.

9. If vegetable is cooked for a long time in water, more than 50 percent of the vitamin mineral particles and mineral elements are lost.

10. Also, Vitamin b is abundant in the brown peel of rice. If rice is peeled off, vitamin b is not left in white rice.

Fish and plenty of vitamins

11. Fish contains plenty of vitamin b but cooking fish meat wastes vitamin b (which is why Japan and Holland have a tradition of eating raw fish).

12. Keep the milk in the sun for a few hours then more than 50 percent of vitamin b2 is lost. Milk and yogurt should always be kept in a cool place.

13. Deep sleep comes when hot milk is drunk before sleeping. It also makes blood pressure normal. Calcium present in milk plays a key role in brain strengthening.

14. Chicken and duck meat should be eaten without its skin, because it has a lot of fat.

 15. The meat should be cooked at least 120 degrees centigrade, otherwise the harmful germs present in this meat do not completely disappear.

16. In birds meat fat is low while steel components and protein are high.

 17. Key meat should be used more in old age. Fat less in it. Mineral particles and proteins are high. Also, Choline is found in kaleji which improves memory in old age.

18. Also, Eating soybeans lentils reduces the risk of prostate cancer by 70 percent.

19. Cooked vegetables should not be reheated when we reheat the vegetable, the nitrate in the vegetable is converted into another chemical which can cause cancer in the human body.

20. Eating too much spinach keeps the spirit of adolescence long. It also increases mental strength. People who have kidney stones.

Raisins full of antioxidants

Dry grapes i.e., “raisins” contain more antioxidants than all foods. It also contains higher amounts of vitamin c and phytochemicals. According to modern research, the amount of healthy antioxidant is almost three times higher than that of fresh grapes in raisins.

The amount of nutritious ingredients in raisins is not surprising because the compounds combine in more quantities in dry fruits. Red and green grape dry form contain chemical substances that protect the body cells in the destructive effects of process tasked. If 30 grams of raisins are eaten throughout the day, it is equal to eating 170 grams of grapes.

From raisins, the body also receives a considerable amount of potassium, fiber and some minerals, the amount of sugar in dry fruits is also high, which results in increased temperature. Raisins are the best thing to eat as a lightweight breakfast.

However, Medical experts advise children to replace sweats and toffee with raisins and other dry fruits like apricots, potatoes, and palm feeding. Raisins are also constipation, useful in sharpness and gas, it increases the weight of weak people, does not increase body cholesterol, reduces blood loss, reduces virus and bacterial fever and strengthens bones.

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Sajid Saleem

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