Science Education: Why is science Education Important?

Science education
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Science education is fundamental to understanding the world in which we live. It also helps people to clarify ideas, to ask questions. Science education establishes the worth of an idea after observations. Science education, technology, and society are responsive to each other. Also, the applications of Science education affect our environment.

Goals of Science education

  • Science education enables students to use science and technology to acquire new knowledge.
  • Encourage students at all grades to develop a critical sense for wonder curiosity about scientific endeavors.
  • Prepare students to critically address social, economics, and environmental issues.
  • Provide students with a foundation in science that creates opportunities for them to pursue progressively higher levels of study.
  • prepares them for science-relational occupations, also engages them in science- related activities.
  • Develop in students, of varying aptitudes and interests, and the knowledge of wide variety of careers related to science, technology and the environment.

Aims of Science Education

  • Helping students to develop knowledge and a coherent understanding of the living, physical, also material and technological components of their environment;
  • Encouraging students to develop skills for investigating the living, physical material and technological components of their environment in scientific ways;
  • Providing opportunities for students to develop the attitudes on which science investigation depends;
  • Also, promoting science as an activity that is carried out by all people as part of the everyday life;
  • Portraying science both as a process and a set of ideas, which have constructed by people to explain every day phenomena;
  • Encouraging students to consider the ways in which people have used science knowledge also methods to meet particular needs;
  • Developing students’ understanding of the evolving nature of science technology;
  • Assisting students to use scientific knowledge and skills to make decisions and the usefulness and worth of ideas;
  • Helping students to explore issues and to make responsible and considerable decisions about the use of science and technology in their environment;
  • Developing students’ understanding of the evolving nature of science and technology.
  • Assisting students to use scientific knowledge and skills to make decisions about the usefulness and worth of ideas.
  • Helping students to explore issues and to make responsible also considering decisions about the use of science and technology in their environment.
  • Developing students’ understanding of the different ways people influence by science and technology.
  • Nurturing scientific talent to ensure a future scientific community.
  • Developing students’ interest in and understanding of the knowledge processes of science that will form the basis of their future education in science technology and careers.

Objectives of Scientific Education

  • Emphasize scientific literacy for all students
  • Promote inquiry-based and student-centered science education.
  • Promote learning that is useful and relevant.
  • Develop interdisciplinary learning also promote spiritual and moral development of the students.
  • Act an effective instrument for a systematic and lifelong learning of the students.
  • For all stakeholders of school Education system including administrators, teachers, also students, parents and for civil society.

Importance of Science Education

Science has brought about a great change regarding the relations among different countries. Science is linking them with one another through trade and business. Goods manufactured in one country sells in another billions of miles away. Man is coming closer to man. It is now within reach to talk about all men on the Earth as neighbors.

The medium of communication has also made considerable progress due to science. The telephone, the wireless, the telegraph, the postal system, the fax machine and the Internet have made it fairly easy and rapid to communicate with friends, relatives and workmate living or working abroad.

Most believably, this century is known as an age of machines. They remain all around present time men and help them in thousands of different ways. There is hardly any field or area without of their presence. Whether it is education or health, industry or transport, enjoyment or communication, war or agriculture, fashions or domestic comforts, all is striking with machines, which are working day and night to serve humanity in a huge manner.

Today’s man cannot do something without the refrigerator, air conditioner, electric fan, air cooler, electric iron, video camera, CD player, cable system, VCR, dish antenna and different other electronic devices. The ever-increasing demand of construction materials, namely bricks, cement, iron beams, logs of wood, etc. is being prepared with the use of scientific methods. Science also provides us with a great number of labor-saving devices. Human being labor is no longer required even in family circle chores.

Scientific instruments and devices

The scientific instruments and tools are there to clean the rooms and even to press the flour. So, science has proved a real blessing for the poor housewife. Now, she has no longer need to remain always busy in the kitchen. She has got time to relish her leisure, study newspapers and magazines and attend children in a better way.

There are some of the intellectual and psychological advantages we have got from science and its approach to life. It has more or less got our minds free from the bondage of fallacy and ignorance. Admittedly, knowledge gives power while illiteracy causes weakness. The habits of reasoning, probing and cross-questioning are the gifts of science. We do this when we control our passions, harm and feelings. So, the world of science is literally a world of order, efficiency and reason that increases our competency over nature and helps us to raise our worth of life.

Despite all the creations and discoveries, science could never manifest itself to be an absolute blessing for the human race. Science has, no doubt, made man’s life more pleasant, healthy and shining, but it has also brought about certain hurdles and problems.

Hurdles And Problems

Firstly, man is disclosing to new desire and thrown into confusion due to surprising and out of the blue discoveries and inventions of science. He is not in the position to direct the goal of his life with distant finality. 

Secondly, modern technology has virtually damage craftsmanship and thousands of skilled persons been doomed to work in the factories and mills as common laborers. 

Thirdly, science thrives our heads and brains, but exhaust our hearts and souls. Such things as affection, love, devotion, worship and spiritual expectations do not flourish anymore. 

Fourthly, science has made modern man’s view point completely materialistic. With the continuation of time, he is becoming more and more self-seeking and greedy. He seems to have forgotten even the basic morality of humanity, namely affection, content, self-sacrifice and trust.

Lastly, we are eminently afraid of atomic wars. There have been more damaging wars since the birth of modern science than ever before. The whole human race has thus been brought on the edge of huge destruction due to the attainment of science.

Science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind. Albert Einstein

So, we can summarize with the words that science is only an instrument. The damage or good it does trust on how men use it. Science has got the power to turn our earth into a paradise but it must not get divorced totally form the empire of morality and ethics. So, we must grow our moral, social and political sciences along with our physical and organic science. We should continue our interest in the excellent things of life such as art, literature and philosophy. We should not be totally dependent on science, for science can only add years to our lives, but it is boost to us to add life to these years.

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