Smoking and its evil effects on human health

Smoking has harmful effects on human health
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Smoking Evil Effects                   

1-Introduction of Tobacco and smoking in the old world. 

2. Popularity of cigarettes among the people.                                                        

3-Evil effects of smoking.                                                                                  

4-Self-inflicted curse causes a number of curable.

5-Acceleration of morbidity rate.  

6-Reduction of life span. 

7- Loss in the working Capacity of people.

Tobacco, the harmful effects of which have been conclusively proved, is the principal crop that man grows to furnish. It is not a necessity but to provide for a habit. This habit is satisfied by using tobacco in a variety of ways—smoking (cigarettes, cigars, pipes and hookahs’). Also, sniffing (snuff) and chewing (alone and • in pans) is a habit.

Cigars and Pipes

In the beginning the people in the west smoked pipes and cigars and in the East hookahs. Cigarettes were not very’ popular. Smoking has, however, increased “mole than a hundred and fifty times. Since the year 1905, while that of cigars and pipes has gone down. Today in the United States, people smoke more than 500 billion cigarettes each year and about, seven billion cigars?’

Tobacco growing country

Pakistan, a developing country, has not lagged behind others in the production and consumption of tobacco. In fact, ‘we are the ‘‘Sixth largest tobacco growing country in the world. The production of tobacco has been increasing at a much faster pace. While several other crops of nutritional value are not increased. 1n 1947 tobacco was grown over an area of 28 thousand acres but now it has increased to 135 acres. The production has gone up from 16 thousand tons to 74 thousand tons.

When Pakistan came into being there were no cigarette factories in the country; today their number is 24. At the time of Independence Pakistan Times, dated August 7, 1981) reported. Even the villagers, who usually prefer hookah, are switching over to cigarettes.

The cult of smoking costs the peoples of America a sum of $400 billion a year. In Pakistan though it adds up to Rs.350 crore only a year. But by our standards it is a colossal amount. In fact, smoking is dangerous for health.

Number of diseases

Smoking, especially cigarette smoking, has given birth to a number of diseases. Many of them quite deadly, and has aggravated and increased the incidence of many others. By far the most common are lung cancer, bronchitis and e Emphysema. The cancer of lip, tongue mouth is common among smokers. Larynx. pharynx and bladder are on the increase among smokers. who are also more prone to gastro-enteric ulcers than non-smokers.


Smoking has increased the number of coronary cases and accelerated the morbidity rate. Loss of working hours and excessive demands on medical services. Even the babies yet to be born have not escaped the harmful effects of smoking.  Their off-spring are twice prone to respiratory infections and attacks of bronchitis and pneumonia than those of non-smokers.

By far the deadliest disease that has come in the wake of smoking is cancer. This has practically embraced every nation in its grip in varying degrees. However, the United States is its worst victim.


Smoking is fast becoming popular among the people of world. Especially the younger generation it has rather assumed a menacing proportion. Even the women are not now immune from its. “Rapid progress of urbanization, tension generated by the fast tempo of living. Also, disintegration of the family accompanied by disrespect for the parts are parents are characteristics of modernization.

Since the new life style has its origin and inspiration in the West. A blind emulation of the waywardness of the Western youth is its inevitable. A status symbol, smoking is also a symbol of adult- hood. And the most convenient means of asserting one’s identity iii an age of equative between, the old and the young.”


A relentless campaign against smoking has been going on for years. In Pakistan the authorities, too, have, though belatedly, realized its harmful effects. Smoking ought to be banned in all public places, not just in cinemas. A countrywide campaign through documentaries is necessary to reduce smoking.

Sajid Saleem

Sajid Saleem

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