Social Evils: Their types and Eradication

Social evils are viruses which destroys a nation.
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There are so many social evils. Some are corruption, Bribery, black marketing, and adulteration. Social evils are viruses which destroy a state and stop its progress.

1. warning against corruption.

(a)    Social evils are viruses which destroy a state.

(b)    Empires perished when their moral fiber decayed.

2. Since 1947 social evils have multiplied.

(a)   Failure of law enforcement agencies.

(b)   No area free of social evils.

3. Black marketing bribery, adulteration are symptoms, not causes. 

     Getting rid of them is a huge problem.

4. Lust for wealth and gross materialism are chief causes of social evils.

One of the biggest curses from which the world is suffering is bribery and corruption. That really is a poison. We must put that down with an iron hand. Black marketing is another curse. You have to tackle this monster which today is a colossal crime against the society.

These grim factors were uppermost in his mind. His words were not for any particular group are they were, in a fact, meant for people from all walks of the life.

The men who struggled for Pakistan had noble ideals — ideals of justice, fair play, and the common weal. The Quid fore saw that social evils were a deadly virus, a poison for the foundations of a state. Also, lay it open to all kinds of dangers. He, therefore, advised his countrymen to wage a relentless war against them.

The history of nations and empires offered miry examples to prove the truth of these assertions. The Paris of Louis XVI, Rome of Nero, the St. Nicholas and the Delhi of the later Mughals were to show how social, and moral decay infected nations. It also infects the communities and swept them off the surface of the earth.

Unfortunately, the evils have not only prospered but many others have risen. Apart from bribery, a nepotism, the robbery, and black marketing. Our society today is also, has such evils as an adulteration, a hoarding, gambling, beggary. Also, the drug addiction, the drug trafficking, the smuggling, the dowry system.

Although most of these corrupt practices fall within the purview of the law, yet our law-enforcing agencies have not been able to control them satisfactorily. The bribery and the adulteration, in particular, is at the top of this black list and, like the heathen gods, and goddesses of old, seem to acquire a dozen heads, and scores of arms.

There is hardly an area of human activity that is free from their vicious embrace. The giver and the taker are both guilty. But the acquisitive impulse has stilled the voice of their conscience and made them indifferent to norms of morality.

Like bribery, the adulteration has also spread its tentacles in different ways. Despite the presence of Anti-corruption Police Establishments, Drug Enforcement Cells, and food Inspection Agencies, these evils continue to flourish.

However, most of the social evils outlined above are merely the symptoms.  The causes we will have to look elsewhere. If we have determination to eradicate these evils from our SOCIETY.

We must lay a less stress on the symptoms and more on the causes. The deterrent punishment for hoarders, black marketers and adulterates is all very fine. But it works on a small scale, and its impact is superficial and transient. It merely touches the tip of the iceberg. For a more lasting solution we must strike at the root of an evil and rearrange our lives priorities.

Some of these evils are so firm and strong. So widely spread. That the very idea of tackling them boggles the mind and weakens the nerves. One approaches the problem with a good deal of the trepidation. This is particularly true of bribery. That ancient curse which has left its mark even on the tombs of the Pharaohs. A young parliamentarian during the question hour suggested on the subject. It sounds shocking but speaks volumes for the magnitude of the problem involved. “

The desire to make easy money is the two factors for the growth of social evils. Its by-products are an ostentatious living, a lavish spending and a pathetic distortion of traditional decencies. This can accomplish when the task is undertaken on a war footing.

Some social Evils

  1. Child marriage
  2. Child Labour
  3. Female infanticide
  4. Dowry
  5. Domestic violence

1- Child marriage

Despite being prohibited with the aid of using worldwide law, infant marriage, early or compelled marriage or exchange unions violate the human rights of kids and keep to take their early life from hundreds of thousands of women beneath the age of 18 across the world. Early marriage is a damaging exercise that deprives women in their rights. Making existence-saving selections approximately their sexual fitness and health forces them to drop out of faculty and lead a existence with bad prospects, growing the hazard of violence, abuse, ailment or untimely death.

2- Child Labor

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