How do I get rid of dark Spots and stains on my face?

Spots and stains on face and the skin appear in the form of patches
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Spots and stains on face and the skin appear in the form of patches and can be started by a variety of factors. The most common causes of stains are sun exposure, inheritable factors, age, hormonal changes, and skin injury or infection.

Mortal skin is prone to all kinds of spots and stains. Utmost of the time these are innocuous, but it’s important to be suitable to identify them, to know what they are, and to take action if necessary. The dark stains on the skin are known as hyperpigmentation. Some people may find them distressing if they can’t be hidden or disguised on areas where they tend to appear the face, hands and other corridor exposed to the sun.

The main sign of skin patches or plaques is a change in the color of certain areas of the skin that is called Spots and stains on face. These are painless, as already mentioned, and can have many causes. They are generally harmless, but a dermatologist should take a close look at them nonetheless.


Apply a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of yogurt paste to remove the grain from the face and apply it all night.

Cucumber juice

Apply cucumber juice twice a week for ten to twelve minutes on your face and then wash.


The grains and stains on the face not only make the face worse, but they also cause pain and mental distress. When you see a pimple on your face, put a toothpaste on it and leave it all night and wash your face in the morning. Toothpaste will help the grain to heal considerably.


In addition, this paste of milk mixed in the basin can also be avoided by applying it as a face wash on the face.

Honey and cinnamon

Mix one teaspoon of powdered sugar in a tablespoon of honey and put it on the face all night and wash your face in the morning.


After the grain is over, the marks left on the face are badly affected, cut three thin slices of potatoes to eliminate them and massage them in the face. Do fifteen minutes daily so that potato juice is absorbed inside the skin, do this process until the mark is over.

Olive oil

Olive oil is also best for skin. Massage with olive oil to dim grain marks.


Ice ACTS magically in reducing facial grains. Put the piece of ice on the grain for a while, it will reduce the grain head.

Apple vinegar  

Apple vinegar is an arched version of stains and grains. Mix half a teaspoon of apple vinegar into a cup of water and soak the cotton hair into this solution and apply it to the affected parts and apply it all night and wash in the morning.

Egg whitening

Egg whites are used as a facial mask if it is very helpful in removing spots and grains. Apply egg whites to the face with cotton hair or fingers and wash after ten minutes. Egg whites have the characteristic that it controls grease on the skin.


Garlic is the essential part of our food. This stain is also best to remove spots. Massage the affected parts by slicing the thin of a garlic slice. Take care that garlic juice is well applied to the skin. Wash your mouth after fifteen to thirty minutes.


To eliminate stains and grains, apply tomato slices or tomato paste on them for ten to fifteen minutes and then wash. Continue this until the face is clear and transparent.


Fresh mint juice is also considered best for stain spots and grains. Wash the affected parts for a while.


Makeup selection

Use makeup that is oil free and must clean makeup before going to bed.

keep face clean

Keep your face clean. Wash mouth at least twice a day so that the surrounding, grease and dead cells are cleaned. Use milled soap instead of medicated soap.

Pillow cover and towel replacement

If the pillow cover and towel are dirty, they also cause stain spots and grains, so their cleaning is also very important.

Taking a bath

As soon as you finish your work, come back home and take a bath. Because sweat together with skin grease leads to making dirt and bacteria in pores.

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