Technology: Its importance in Economic growth and development

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Technology is an important factor in national development

For development we need economic growth. This is possible only if we have more productivity. We can increase the productivity if we have the best…

  • Factors of production
  • Integrator among the factors of production
  • Technology

Apart from the other two factors, technology plays a vital role in economic growth. Moreover, the technological progress increases the economic growth.

Also, this faster the rate of economic development.

There are three basic categories of technological progress

  • Natural technological progress
  • Capital technological progress
  • Labor augmenting technological progress  

Every developing country of the world like USA uses television for educational purposes. But the developed countries have numerous resources. Therefore, they use VT educating centers. Also, these countries use better equipment for education. Those countries who are not using modern resources in education the results are therefore, not satisfactory.  

Socio- Cultural pattern

Technological progress is also, a sociological progress. For instant we must accept technological progress mentally. Otherwise, it will lead to lack of participation of people.

The tradition bound society

We have a tradition bound society which is also a big obstacle. However, we can overcome this problem if we provide facilities on merit.


To make the best use of modern technology, we need a large number of technicians. Also, we need a large number of producers and technical-education experts.

Capital formation

Modern technology requires heavy investment but, poor countries do not afford it. However, these countries should try to get skilled labor.


Technological progress is a combination of innovations. Therefore, an increase is essential in the number of inventions and market based innovations.

Mass education

The illiteracy is also, a problem in technological progress. There is one requirement for technical progress is technical knowledge. Technical education and skills are therefore, requirement for technological progress.

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