Teeth, Gum diseases are increasing due to not cleaning the mouth

The common teeth, gum diseases define as Teeth, gums, mouth and tongue are the organs
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The human body is the collection of different organs and each organ has its own utility. The common teeth, gum diseases define as Teeth, gums, mouth and tongue are the organs which, with performing different functions, are also an important part of digestive system. Although sometimes minor deficiencies can also cause various dental disorders called teeth, gum diseases Regarding dental disorders, their treatment and care we discuss here some important things…

Why are Teeth Gum diseases so common?

The major reason dental disorders are common is not to take care of mouth cleaning. It is also in the observation that most people do not go to any dentists, unless they are suffering from severe pain, although there is no dental problem, it is necessary to have a regular dental examination every six months. Then, in Pakistan, the use of pan, gutted, main whole and straw is often used, so mouth disorders, especially mouth cancer, are becoming a common disease. According to a careful estimate, Pakistan is now second or third in the country affected by mouth cancer, while this disease becomes the death penalty within three to four years.

The common dental disorders

Most people approach the physician as they complain of pain. Then a specialist first diagnoses what is the main cause of pain. Generally, this pain can be due to a problem of teeth, cheeks, tongue or palate. However, only after the final diagnosis is treated. However, the disorders that are common include tooth worm, tooth piercing, tooth piercing, gum inflammation, cold, warm, Pavia (mass), melanoma or deodorant, etc.

Causes and treatment of Teeth Gum diseases

Due to tooth worm or tooth decay, there are various types of bacteria or bacteria found in the mouth, which not only produce acidity on the surface of the teeth, but also affect the hard layer, resulting in some part of the tooth being affected in the early stage. This pain is called dental care in medical terms, which leads to a tooth pit or hole. If the disease is in the initial stage, it is filmed, otherwise the RCT method is adopted. Similarly, if for some reason the protective surface of teeth is affected or the gums become less stressed, any food or hot object is felt by the teeth with intensity, which is called “sensitivity”.

The roots of the teeth become less stressed and the teeth begin to shake. As a result, there is a lot of difficulty in eating and drinking. His treatment is scaling. There may be many reasons why the mouth smells. For example, some women complain about pregnancy, which also ends after maternity, when the mouth of patients with diabetes, liver, stomach and kidney disorders also smells, but every disease is different, which is treated by a specialist physician.

Are there different specialists for treating different dental disorders?

As a dental surgeon (oral surgeon), RCT’s specialist is called endodontist. Similarly, denture (denture) is referred to prosthodontist. So, whenever you go to a dentist, ask him about his specialty and his disease. Also, the instruments that are being used, whether they are sterilized or not, must also be asked.

Can a tooth disease be inherited?

The teeth gum diseases is not directly inherited, but if the family history is affected, then the teeth are affected due to any other disease, then the disease can be transmitted to the next generation and cause teeth to be affected. However, the teeth need to be inherited to some extent. The matter is related to gastrointestinal disorders, so it is not denied. In many cases, gastrointestinal disorders cause dental disorders.

Is the number of experts more satisfactory than the number of patients here?

Not at all. At present, there are 25 thousand dentists registered in Pakistan, so it is difficult for eight thousand patients.

Various dental disorders caused by a lack of fluoride

There is no shortage of fluoride in our country, but due to excess, there are different dental disorders, one of the reasons is toothpaste. Unfortunately, every other toothpaste is significantly listed, “with fluoride”. 70% of our population is settled in villages, where wells, taps of water are used, which is found in fluoride, and for this reason fluorosis disease is common in these people.

This disease affects bones and teeth. Now if toothpaste is also being used with fluoride, its side effects will also appear. In this case, there is a dire need to spread awareness to every level. Strides are also found in the toothpaste, which is used to make a quick break from any problem, but later it has to be done. Pakistan dental council was previously sealed on local toothpaste. Now you will not see that seal.

The reason for teeth grinding

The main reason for this is stress. Due to this habit, teeth are torn, so there is a complaint of pain in “TMJ: temporomandibular diarrhea “. Remember, TMJ is the biggest pair of our face and the process of grinding teeth affects this pair much more than the teeth.

why are the teeth of today’s children getting worse than the past?

It is a natural process to turn the tongue on the gums of the child, which is not harmful. In fact, the teeth of the children whose milk teeth are broken for any reason, their teeth are crooked. However, the mothers should prevent the children of this age from sucking fingers, toes or lips, because of these habits, the teeth come out. Apart from this, when many mothers feed their babies through feeders, the baby usually sleeps in the mouth and the mother does not get the feeder out of the mouth, which is very wrong. This can affect the whole teeth of the child. The thing about getting teeth bad, the use of Masuk was common in the past and not too big, the children used to use it with taste. Masuk does not work as a useful toothpaste for teeth, it is also a great tonic.

Is Masuk better than toothpaste?

Of course. Now in the developed country, the use of toothpaste is becoming common. On the contrary, we are giving away toothpaste by giving up Masuk. Also, according to a modern study, the use of various types of Masuk in dental disorders has proved to be beneficial, but it is important to consult the physician in terms of treatment with Masuk.

Is it really a tooth worm?

In medical terms, this disease is called dental care. Because of worm, there is a germ attack on the teeth, and in the past this disorder was called tooth worm, so far this term is common.

At the age of 18, 19, “wisdom goes out”

Wisdom comes out of the beard, and it is a natural process to come out with pain, which does not cause trouble. Yes, in the case of more pain, medicine should be used with the advice of the physician, etc., it is better. Sometimes this beard comes out half or even crooked.

Why does toothache usually take intensity at night?

When toothache intensifies at night, itis called closed pulpitis in medical term. In fact, when we lie down to sleep, the blood pressure increases downward, which causes the pain to intensify. Talking about living, etc., its utility is not denied. We have several materials, in which clove oil is used.

which dental diseases are common in children?

The most common disease is to be worm. Here I will request the mother to take care of the mouth of her infant children. After breastfeeding, clean their gums with white clothes of muslin. In the same way, give the child a sweet meal once a day, such as chocolate, etc. Because the excessive use of sweet items is not harmful for teeth, but it is harmful for the day to day.

What is the ideal time to brush?

First of all, no one paste should be used permanently. Just as using the same antibiotic repeatedly neutralizes, using the same brand’s product consistently loses its effect. The ideal time to brush is before bedtime and after breakfast in the morning, but one thing is to be aware that nothing should be eaten an hour before bedtime. It has often been seen that before sleeping, a glass of milk was drunk, tooth brushed and then swollen immediately. This is wrong, because when we go to sleep by drinking milk or brushing an item, acidity increases, which may result in a toothache.

However, there is no harm in drinking water before bedtime. Here’s how to do a toothbrush, so instead of applying a paste from one end of the brush to the other, apply the same as a grain of peas. Then put the brush between the gums and the teeth from the front, brush from the bottom to the top and from the top to the bottom at least ten times.

The root canal therapy

answer: when dental carriers get access to tooth pulp, then root canal is treated. In some cases, root canal therapy is completed in one day, so it can take two to four days.

Frequent scaling is beneficial for teeth or harmful?

In this treatment, the gums, which have come out, are brought into normal condition. This surgery involves a whole team. Both orthogenetic surgery and implant are expensive treatments. In Pakistan, orthogenetic surgery is done very little, which is one of the reasons for the shortage of specialists.

The students who actually do BDS are called “” medical dentists” “in Urdu and those who are technicians are called dentists. So, it’s all the technicians, not the physicians. And it is also possible that most of them are not technicians. All of these are different ways of coming, so it is better that they do not come in.

What precautions should be taken for healthy Teeth?

Every six months, make a dental examination, even if there is a slight problem, do not ignore. Stop using pan, peel, gutka and main puri. Also, feel free to use toothpicks, because they are very harmful to the gums. Instead, dental floss should be cleared through dental floss and gums.

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