What are the Components of lesson plans? Its methodology

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lesson plans Common elements are:

  •  Title /Topic

You can choose a topic from the text book. A skill such as information gathering can also add in this component of lesson plans.

  • Student learning outcomes (SLOs)

The teacher can also get the student learning outcomes from curriculum. If a teacher does not have access to the national curriculum for the subject he is teaching, he could also develop SLOs himself.

Identifying the student learning outcomes helps you to clarify the knowledge and skills to be developed.

  • Introductory activities

These activities introduce the topic. It also establishes Connection with the previous lesson. They are necessary to build readiness, create interest and explore what children already know about the topic. A test or a quiz can also be used to find out what students know.

  • Developmental activities

Developmental activities are also the introductive activities. They should be smooth transitions to provide a smooth learning sequence. These are to realize students learning outcomes. They introduce new concepts and skills.

What is necessary for demonstrative or applicative activities? This part of lesson plan components tells the teacher to develop the ability and concept of the students.

  • Concluding activities

Concluding activities are activities that summarize or facilitate students. This is an application of knowledge and skills to a new situation. The concluding activities could bring the different main ideas of the unit.

  • Material resources

This is the key part of the planning which is most important for both teachers and students. How a teacher can make his lesson more effective with the AV-aids.

  • Learning Assessment

Assessment strategies can tell us how well are to what extent the student learning outcome have been met. This toll of learning is important in all phases of lesson. Teacher can use checklist for assessment process. Students can also collect informations.

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