What is lesson/ unit planning? Its Benefits, Development process

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lesson planning is a description of course for an individual. unit planning is necessary for the purpose of helping students. Lesson planning is a unit plain to study a topic in depth. lesson plan is for a period of time ranging from several days to several weeks.

  • The teachers Prepare lesson plans to help them and students.
  • Research indicates that all students benefit from, well-structured lessons.
  • The teachers use Lesson plans to help with the flow of the class.
  • All lessons are according to the curriculum.
  • The structure of School curriculum is usually in units.

What are the benefits of lesson planning?

lesson planning is a description of course for an individual.

There are many benefits of lesson/unit planning.

  • Improve the quality of teaching and learning
  • To established clarity of purpose
  • To achieve the students learning outcomes
  • Use available time
  • Develop appropriate resources
  • Also, Develop teacher confident

To begin, your lesson plan ask yourself these questions:

1. Where are your students goings?

2.How are they going to get there?

3. How will you know when they have arrived?

 Where are your students goings?

  • What are the objectives and goals of lesson plan?
  • What are your outcomes of this session?

How are they going to get there?

Lesson procedure

  • This session provides step by step guide to achieve lesson plan objectives
  • It provides suggestions on how to proceed with implementation of lesson plan
  • It focuses on what the teacher should have students do during the lesson planning.

Components of unit planning

  • Introduction
  • Main activities
  • Course conclusion
  • Material required

 How will you know when they have arrived?

Assessment / Evaluation

  • This section focuses on ensuring that your students have arrived at their destination.
  • How will you evaluate the objectives?
  • Have your students practice what you are asking them to do for evaluation?

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