What is Obesity? Natural foods that help prevent obesity

Obesity is the cause of all diseases.
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Who likes obesity?  It not only destroys the appearance. Obesity also proves to be the root cause of diseases as it increases the risk of diabetes. It also increases the risk of blood pressure, heart disease and stroke and innumerable other diseases. And everyone knows that obesity is now a global epidemic. But there is no magic solution to weight loss, just a change in lifestyle can bring about a magical change in your personality.

However, do you think eating less is the best way to lose weight?  So not at all. In fact, by putting fruits in your plates also, vegetables, nuts, etc., you can speed up the process of dissolving fat.

Learn about foods that can help you fight obesity or lose weight.

Apple prevents Obesity

An apple is said to keep a doctor away every day. But it also plays an important role in preventing obesity.  Apples contain a chemical paste that reduces the amount of fat in your cells. So, that it is easier to digest or absorb. While apples are also a great way to fill the stomach with fewer calories, which automatically reduces the risk of obesity.

Green tea

According to various medical research reports, the ingredients in green tea improve metabolism, which in turn helps in weight loss.  This hot drink also helps to release energy from the glucose. In our diet which in turn helps to dissolve fats.

Grape fruit

It is believed that this fruit is excellent for controlling obesity. Because, of its unique chemical properties that are resistant to fat.  Rich in vitamin C, this fruit helps in lowering insulin levels which in turn helps in preventing the accumulation of fat in the body and helps in weight loss.


Soybeans contain a substance called lectin, which prevents cells from accumulating fat.  It is like a shield that prevents fat from accumulating in your cells. while this component also helps in digestion by breaking down the fat. Those fats stores already in the body which in turn reduces the risk of obesity.

Barley Porridge

Regular use of barley porridge for breakfast can help prevent high cholesterol levels.  The fiber in it helps to dissolve fats and increases the efficiency of metabolism and you feel full for a longer period of time and the consumption of junk food is reduced.


Garlic contains a component of allicin, which medical experts say improves the function and protection of cells that help dissolve fat deposits.  The use of garlic in the diet can be very helpful in dissolving fats and preventing men and women from having a hard time.


A cup of soup that burns fat fast is the best if you want to eat something untimely.  According to a medical study, the use of soup is the best way to suppress untimely hunger because it eliminates the feeling of hunger due to its fluids and solids.  In the same way, using soup before meals makes people want to eat less food than usual, i.e., less calories become part of their body and obviously obesity starts to decrease.


If obese women eat three small pears a day, their body weight will decrease significantly after a while.  People who eat this fruit usually do not have high calories in their body.  Most importantly, if you are craving something sweet, it is best to use pears instead of sugar, which are low in calories and high in fiber, which fills the stomach quickly.


Blueberries, considered to be the best source of vitamin C, are thought to be a great way to prevent obesity.  According to medical experts, high intake of vitamin C plays a very important role in maintaining body weight.


According to a study, adding almonds to your diet also increases the feeling of fullness and possibly prevents weight gain.  Another study found that people who prefer almonds to sweets tend to lose belly fat faster and lose back fat.


Medical experts say that eating 30 grams of walnuts a day improves cholesterol levels and reduces the risk of obesity.  This fruit is also good for diabetics as it helps to keep blood glucose levels normal.


Bananas are considered to be the best source of magnesium.  This component is very important for maintaining normal energy production and nervous function.  It also promotes muscle flexibility and helps the body use insulin.  In addition, magnesium helps absorb calcium and keep its levels in balance, which is very important for weight loss.


Pulses are the best option for those who want to lose body weight or fat. Half a plate of lentils with low calories and fat provides nine grams of protein which also helps in body building.  It is also the best food for cholesterol and blood pressure prevention.


Although spinach does not burn fat, it does help with weight gain.  It is very low in calories and the use of fresh spinach provides extra fiber to the body which makes the stomach feel full sooner and reduces the risk of obesity.


According to a study conducted in Germany, consuming 17 ounces of water increases the metabolic rate by 30%, which helps in burning calories.  Drinking water also quenches your thirst and thus eliminates the possibility of mistaking thirst for hunger.


The ingredients in cinnamon speed up the process of dissolving fats which is due to speeding up the metabolism.  This spice helps in reducing bloating while also controlling the blood sugar level so that you do not feel prematurely hungry and you avoid weight gain by using junk food.

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